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Medical Translation

Intransco has had experience in the field of medical translation since 1973. Whether you need translation of pharmaceutical files or translation of articles in the peer-reviewed clinical and research literature, medical translators are available who are trained in medicine as well as experienced in translation.

Intransco has provided medical translation primarily from German, Japanese, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish into English. In addition, we are often asked to translate into these languages as well as many other European and Asian languages.

Intransco's medical translators have advanced degrees in medicine (M.D.'s and Ph.D.'s) and experience either in their specific clinical field (surgery, internal medicine, gerontology, nuclear medicine, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, radiology, to name a few) or in their specialized research field (biochemistry, biotechnology, cellular biology, neurobiology, physiology, etc.)

Our experience in medical translation includes:

  • Journal articles from research and clinical journals
  • Patents on medical and surgical materials, appliances, etc
  • Patents regarding pharmaceutical composition and production
  • Patents on genetic engineering, genes and bioinformatics
  • Drug processing information from pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Materials on drug safety for licensing
  • Clinical tests and patient histories
  • Package inserts for pharmaceuticals
  • Patient consent forms

Intransco provides translator-editor teams in order to assure accurate medical translations in highly readable English or in the foreign language. Each translation is prepared by a professional translator with experience in the specific field and is then edited by a senior editor also with experience in the language and in the specialized subject of the medical translation. The translator and/or editor has usually published his/her own work in the peer-reviewed literature.

If you have specific questions relative to Intransco's experience with medical translation, whether specific to the language (German, Japanese, French medical translation, for example) or specialized field (biotechnology, neurology or neurobiology, for example), or if you would like us to quote you on a specific project, please contact:

Fax: 781.334.4445
Attn: Elise Weaver
Mail: Elise Weaver
Project Coordinator
P.O. Box 239
Lynnfield, MA 01940

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