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Our Process

We can accept work in any format, paper or electronic.

After receiving the order, we assign the project to a translator who specializes in the language and the field of the original material. All of our professionals translate into their native language, and most have had experience publishing their own research papers, technical reports, or patents.

After the translation is prepared, it is assigned to a technical editor, who is also familiar with the language and field of the original material. Any questions that arise are discussed with the original translator, and revisions are incorporated in the translated text.

Finally, the translation is formatted and read once more by an experienced editor/proofreader, who ensures that all changes have been incorporated and that the text reads smoothly. It is then delivered to the client in a hard-copy form that resembles the original format. We can also provide an electronic file or disk copy of the translation.

INTRANSCO offers prompt regular service, with a turnaround of 10-15 working days for most translation projects. We can offer RUSH service at an additional cost if your schedule requires it.

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