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Our Professionals

Our regular translators, many of whom have worked with us for 20 years or more, are all professional scientists or engineers as well as translators who have frequently published their own research materials. They include (to name just a few):

AB a medical research scientist with a PhD from Harvard who provides German translation
LH a pharmaceutical specialist who provides Japanese translation
CC an organic chemist with a PhD from MIT who provides German translation
DS a mechanical engineer with a Stanford PhD who provides Japanese translation
DAS a PhD chemist who provides Dutch and German translation
DL a biochemist with a Harvard PhD who provides German and French translation
MW a Harvard MLA graduate trained as a technical translator who provides French, Spanish, and Italian translation
MP a medical doctor who provides translation into her native Spanish
CC a biologist with a PhD from Stanford who provides Chinese, Japanese, and French translation
  and many other proven professionals who translate into English or their native language
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